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This message will self distruct...

I'm changing this account.
You all are gonna miss me I know.

Besides I could not make it without writing...
So if you still wanna read my rubbish you can follow me here thealbuhtross
I'll be creeping around your Friends Pages by this name, yeah...

Good, this clarified, I don't know if I'll be deactivating this account.
You know it's so well kept and... yeah I got somehow attached to it.

I'm just telling you not to freak you guys out too much.
I know you don't care anyway...

See you, maybe in another life.


And yes, there will be more of itCollapse )

I finished writing the exact last words of this as this exact words went through my Ipod
"She said you've been having a nightmare... well it's not over yet"
Take it as a little anticipation for what will come next
This is also my most pretentious work. It is. Nothing more will be so tiring but so great in my life, I feel it.

Ooooooh I need a dirty woman...

All the animals come out at nightCollapse )

Here it goes, immoral but conceptual
Experimenting original charaters, Cymbaline and Cyanide
I know it may be a little difficult to follow unless you're in my head (so I should call you a lunatic) but if you made it to the end alive I love you

All we are... is bullets I mean this...Collapse )

Based off a song as you can see, I used to like this one lots, as you can see...

Follow me...

Follow me down...Collapse )
Another one of my baroque things Kind of Morrison-esque...

Don't look past my shoulder...Collapse )


I don't know... I don't even know...
I don't even know myself
Written roughly and quickly in a late night, if this can be an excuse

Another one of those writing things...

Translated for you all

When masturbation's lost its fun...Collapse )


I'm not fucking around

So… that’s simple:

Just pick a band or artist and answer these using song titles or a few lyrics if you want:



I think I'm coming outCollapse )



See me... Feel me...


Touch me... Heal me...Collapse )






Sadly autobiographic.

Take this rock 'n' roll refugee...


Oooh babe set me free...Collapse )


Written among a late night and a dawn
 Should I continue?



All I've ever beenCollapse )

Just an extract of my real life, adapted for the magical world of stories...
Isn't it fascinating how people can fool you, saying just three words like "i" then "love" then "you"??

Missed me? I guess not!

And if I say... I really knew you well what would your answer be?Collapse )

So I made myself the promise not to slash the Beatles… I did.

Just because I almost forget how to post stuff here... MEME TIME
...Collapse )





Gurls. Seriously.

Right. But I don't know how long I will resist the urge to do it... probably in 3...2...1...
I had to do this. Can't stop meh... So stolen from this lovely gurl xexplodystuffsx


Dancing with myself... oh oh oh dancing with myself...Collapse )


Is there anybody going to listen to my story, all about the girl who came to stay?
She's the kind of girl you want so much it makes you sorry, still you don't regret a single day.

("Girl" The Beatles)
Please, I promise it won't be long...
How much I want to show you you're the only one...Collapse )

I love you.
-Gloria... or Frankie... whatever you wanna call me...

I just want a love like any other... what do I get?Collapse )
Not really sure about this... I think I could have done much better... but I hope you like it, Sis!!!

I fought the law and... I won!!!

Kindly stolen from the amazing vanishing_act18

This is not a love song!!

Borrowed from this amazing girl, xexplodystuffsx

I'm gonna be extremely honest in this. Be afraid.
You could discover things about me that you wouldn't ever like to know...


All you don't want to know about a 15 years old anarchist!Collapse )

Ok gotta go now... the police is after me for what i just wrote...
Getting no feedback for my stories and works makes me feel like a pathetic loser...

Not that anyone cares...

My 2010... fanfictionly speaking...

Kindly borrowed and translated for you all, from queenseptienna


SSP... aka Shameless Self-PromotionCollapse )



So awesome I had to borrow it from mochablitz
Sooo... just put your music player on "shuffle" and answer the questions with the songs that will came up...


M.E.M.E.Collapse )





Eight fucking years and I still can't believe this...

Kindly borrowed from daydreamer1984 I guess I have too much tame to waste and don't wanna study for tomorrow!!

Do they owe us a living?

I'm sick... so fucking sick of being told what should I do and what I shouldn't do...
Who the fuck are people to decide in my place, telling they're doing right and for my good?

People can't just understand when it's time to riot and when it's time to just shut up and give yourself some rules!
But... for fuck's sake, why they have to involve who has understood this difference?

Things like this only happen here, in the southern part of this forgotten country...
Well... welcome to Paradise!!


When masturbation lost its fun...

You gotta die for the government....

"The political power comes from the barrel of a gun..."
Mao Zedong

People, this is a message to all of you out there, for the ones who are old enough to give a damn and young enough to raise their fists in the air and say no...

This morning... oh no, wait... I should say something first... 

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away...Collapse )


How did we get this way?

Still want me... corrupted...Collapse )



C’mon… after all it wasn’t that immoral… or… was it?



Purple Wednesday (we made it...)

Originally posted by thelake at Purple Wednesday

It’s been decided. On October 20th, 2010, we will wear purple in honor of the 6 gay boys who committed suicide in recent weeks/months due to homophobic abuse in their homes at at their schools. Purple represents Spirit on the LGBTQ flag and that’s exactly what we’d like all of you to have with you: spirit. Please know that times will get better and that you will meet people who will love you and respect you for who you are, no matter your sexuality. Please wear purple on October 20th. Tell your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors and schools.

RIP Tyler Clementi, Seth Walsh
RIP Justin Aaberg, Raymond Chase
RIP Asher Brown and Billy Lucas

REBLOG to spread a message of love, unity and peace.

- original post by neo_prodigy

We fought...
We made our little silent revolution...
We marched in the name of love and unity, last October...
Thousands of people dressed in purple...
One soul, one mind, one heart...
Not to forget...
People can disappear, but not memories...
Remember... always...

Anarchy in South Italy

"In questa società... per bene che ci vada, la vita è una noia... sconfinata...
In questa società... nulla... assolutamente nulla riguarda le donne...
Dunque... a tutte le donne che non hanna paura nè delle responsabilità, nè delle emozioni sconvolgenti, non ci resta che... rovisciare il governo, eliminare il sistema monetario, istituire l'autonomazione completa e distruggere il sesso... maschile..."

Scum - AreA

"In this society, if we cross our fingers, life is extremely boring...
In this society... nothing... absolutely nothing is about women...
So... to all those women who are not afraid of responsibilities or upsetting emotions,
we just have to... overthrow the government, eliminate the monetary system, establish the complete autonomy, and destroy male sex..."

Scum - AreA

Italy has never known the punk movement... at least not as much as America and England did...
Still, we had our "Joe Strummer": Demetrio Stratos...
We can still be proud of someone... 
That's why I wanted to translate this...

Stolen from the lovely xwhatsernamexo

Out of utter curiosity, if I was chained up in your attic/study/basement/library/secret lair, and I had to write you one story, what would you request? Or alternatively, what's something you always hoped I'd write but know is never going to happen?

And, as Jimmy is feeling so damn hippie, as Jimmy loves you all so much, and as Jimmy wants me to, Jimmy says that I have to write for you, what you'll reply to the nice question above no number, rating or pairing limits (as long as you give me something I'm kinda familiar with...) so choose carefully!! 

Ok, people, I want you to comment!!! Let the fun begin!!


Spirit Day (to rememeber...)

See, take some time to think about and spread the messageCollapse )

We gotta fight, brothers
'Cause the world is just not right, most of the times
...Hold on...
...Please, hold on...
That's all you can do...

C'mon can you really believe something like this happened? In total honesty, I don't want to...

People, please, open your eyes... that's racism...
Stand up! Use your mind and don't be victims of the majority and stupid prejudices...

...Homophobia is racism...
Stolen from rosecelest 

Yeah babydoll you're tagged... it's too late now!! So that's how it works:
 Take a picture of you in your current state, no changing your clothes or quickly putting on makeup. (who gives a shit about makeup anyway?) 
All natural okay?

In my current state you say??
Oh well I took three cause mah lovely Jimmy said so...
Soooo... here we go...

So when the smoke clears here I amCollapse )

Won't you help to sing...


All I ever had...Collapse )



I did my best to put my emotions into words… I really did…

And I wanted you to know

It’s been the hardest and most painful thing I’ve ever wrote


Here we go again... infatuation...

...Wake Up...Collapse )



Yeah, yeah I know… please just deal with me, people 

Thanks for reading…


London calling to the faraway towns...

London calling to the underworld...

 Erm well maybe it's not London but it's just me that's calling... well I wanna show you some Italian rap, kay? But first there's something you should know:

Ok, before you watch, take this as some kind of disclaimer:
Got it??
Yeah 'cause me+italian music=very perfect strangers
And putting this song here may ruin my reputation...
But the video... oh man, the motherfucking video...

'Kay you may go on, nowCollapse )
Things are still not so clear??
No worry, i understand...
Now, please, click below

Need explainations? Click meh!!Collapse )
Okay I'm done now...
See you in the comments, guys!!

Ohai my friends! Guess what?
Those below are lovely icons (made with poor tools but still icons) made with love for you all!!
Yeah no lie, Give them a look!

Darlin' you've gotta let me know...Collapse )

Feel free to borrow some if you like them, comments are welcome (and credit would be nice)

So leave me now, the moon is up...

...Revolution Rock...Collapse )










Ummm I can’t help it, when a story rating goes under the “R” I’m fucked up… It makes me go insane...

So yeah be gentle, folks!


...Brothers...Collapse )





Young offenders…

Always know your rights… All three of ‘em…



</div>A tribute to the ClashCollapse )</div></div>

A quick one while he's away...

...All You Young Punks...Collapse )




Bloodshot deadbeat and lack of sleep…


I wish I could tell you...

...Dear One I've Never Had...Collapse )


Just keep reading!


...Mah Dear Billie...Collapse )



Yeah, my dear Billie, this is the hardest thing I’ve ever wrote but it comes from my heart, I swear…


Hey... can you hear me?


Visions (Surreal)Collapse )


Here… let’s celebrate my return with some angst!

No… really, I need a hug…


ReflectCollapse )

Yeah… I’m not sleeping so well during these nights… I miss someone, but that’s another story…


Missed The Starting Gun?

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